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 Demande au gouvernement roumain devoter pour la loi Nr.227

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lachapelle linda
Ecureuil qui grignotte
Ecureuil qui grignotte
lachapelle linda

Nombre de messages : 2449
Age : 49
Localisation : Gatineau
Emploi : agente de sécurité
Loisirs : prendre soin de mes enfants et mes animaux
Date d'inscription : 18/02/2006

Demande au gouvernement roumain devoter pour la loi Nr.227 Empty
MessageSujet: Demande au gouvernement roumain devoter pour la loi Nr.227   Demande au gouvernement roumain devoter pour la loi Nr.227 EmptyMer 23 Avr - 1:37

Demande au gouvernement roumain de voter pour la loi Nr.227 supplement de la loi Nr 225 qui interdit de torturer et de tuer les animaux.
Jusqu'à présent l'argent provenant des taxes de la population sert à tuer des milliers d'animaux de rue d'une façon horrible. Cette loi protège donc tous les animaux pas seulement les animaux de rue.

Sujet: Romanian welfare law.

Merci d'envoyer avec vos coordonnées à :;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

avec copie à :;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

Deliberate cruelty to our defenceless and beautiful little cousins is surely one of the meanest and most detestable vices of which a human being can be guilty. ~William Ralph Inge

Dear Sirs!

Romania is a European Union country now - That's why it really was
high time for it to to leave the old primitive ways and change over to
the only promising and humane method: the sterilization of all stray
dogs and to bring about the modern law Nr. 9/2008 (former Nr. 205) now securing
the survival and protection of stray animals.
After wasting enormous sums of Romanian tax money on the ruthless
killing of thousands and thousands of innocent dogs for no result whatsoever
(the number of dogs in the streets is still the same as before!) and upsetting innumerable
Romanian animal lovers who helplessly had to observe the cruel
proceedings – your government finally decided to accept what the WHO
/World Health Organization had already stated more than 20 years ago
in "Guidelines for Dog population management": Neither killing nor
imprisoning dogs can reduce the dog population, but only consequent

This now only remains to be put into action by law Nr. 227 - which
has already been accepted by the Plenum of the Romanian Senat – and is
to be passed now as the necessary logical supplement to law Nr. 205
forbidding the killing and torturing of animals.

It is absolutely incredible and utmostly annoying for us, what the
ANSVSA backed by the mafia of profiteers is now trying to do:

They intend to betray and defraud the Romanian legislation!
Totally contradictory to the newly passed law they want to maintain
the killing of the poor stray animals by demanding -that stray animals not being adopted
within 5 days should have to be killed
-that baby dogs under 1 month should have to be killed in any case
-that stray dogs after sterilization should only be returned to their
original territories on written demand, with the demanding person
being totally responsible for these dogs -that horses and
other bigger animals not being adopted within 5 days should be slaughtered etc.
In case the ANSVSA and the profiting killing mafia should succeed,
this would mean the END of Romania's excellent new animal welfare law,
which would then turn back to becoming a simple KILLING INSTRUMENT.

Please don't let Romania's unscrupulous profiteering animal killers

Therefore we ask you urgently: Please vote for this law Nr. 227 in its
excellent version already accepted by the Romanian Senat:
in favour of the animals and according to the law nr. 9/2008 already
valid so that according to both laws the killing of healthy animals
is forbidden and sterilization as the only effective, modern and
humane method of dog population management is secured !

All over the EU, many people are now expecting Romania to pass this
second new, more humane law for the protection of animals.
Europe-wide, all civilized people are now waiting for this Romanian
step which will make Romania a model to follow for all the
neighbouring countries.Romania receives 30 billions of EUROS by the
European Union. Nobody in Europe can understand why Romania is not
willing to spend not even a minimal amount in solving its dog problem
in the way Europe expects it – by sterilization of dogs and building
shelters! And you can be sure that nobody would accept or excuse if
Romania continued the barbaric way of treating its stray animals that
Romania has practised so far!

Your faithfully,
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Demande au gouvernement roumain devoter pour la loi Nr.227
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