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 lettre type contre la viande de chien en Corée !!

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lachapelle linda
Ecureuil qui grignotte
Ecureuil qui grignotte
lachapelle linda

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Date d'inscription : 18/02/2006

lettre type contre la viande de chien en Corée !! Empty
MessageSujet: lettre type contre la viande de chien en Corée !!   lettre type contre la viande de chien en Corée !! EmptyDim 4 Mai - 5:56

lettre type contre la viande de chien en Corée !!

La Corée demande plus de transparence sur la viande de chien, on demande l'interdiction de cette viande !! on demande que le chien soit considéré comme un chien domestique et non pas comme viande consommable

Merci d'envoyer avec vos coordonnées à :

Dear Mr. President

Congratulations on becoming the new president of Korea. As people all
around the world have been paying close attention to your political and economic
reforms, we have heard about a proposal that goes against your aims to take
Korea forward in the international arena. On March 24th this year, the
Municipality of Seoul released the Dog Meat Hygiene Management Policy, a
document that lists dogs as livestock. It plans to recommend amendments of
the national law on Livestock Products Processing to incorporate this

Korea's hi-tech and electronic products are sold throughout the world, and
the so-called 'Korean Wave', which includes the entertainment, food and
tourism industries, has also greatly increased the interest of people all
across Asia in Korea. If dogs are listed as livestock for human consumption
under the Korean national legislation, this would make Korea the first
country in the world to legalise dog meat, and would also make you the
first national leader in the world to permit dogs to be used ’±as food for human
consumption. We are afraid that such a decision would not only be a step
backward in the development of civilisation, but would also damage you and
your country international image and reputation, with a direct
economic impact on Korean products and services.

Dogs are simply dogs, and they should not be divided into pet dogs and
edible dogs. Taiwan, Hong Kong, the Philippines and Thailand have all
already legally banned the consumption of dog meat. Although there are
still a few countries and people in Asia who consume dog meat, their living
standards are, on average, far lower than those of Korea, and until now
there has never been a country which has, through national law, legalised
the act of eating dog meat!

In the last 20 or 30 years, anthrozoology has gradually brought about a
consensus: companion animals bring psychological and physical benefits to
humans. They can give humans intimacy and support, alleviate the negative
health impacts of stress, and also provide protection against some
illnesses. Modern day criminal sociology is also drawing the conclusion
that there is a high degree of correlation between cruelty to animals and
domestic violence and child abuse. Once dogs become animals that can be
freely butchered for human consumption, there will likely be negative
and educational impacts on the psychology of the Korean public.

In order to create a more humane society, and for the sake of the
development of human civilisation, we, as co-citizens of this planet, with
all sincerity urge your government to prevent the legalisation of dog
eating in your national laws and to prohibit the consumption of dog meat as
soon as possible.

Yours sincerely
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lettre type contre la viande de chien en Corée !!
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