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 Protestez contre importation de singes pour la vivisections!

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Protestez contre importation de singes pour la vivisections! Empty
MessageSujet: Protestez contre importation de singes pour la vivisections!   Protestez contre importation de singes pour la vivisections! EmptySam 22 Juil - 17:03

Importation de dizaines de milliers de singes à destination des laboratoires U.S. de vivisection.

Arrow Merci de protester ici :


Dear Friend,

We need your immediate help in order to stop the importation of tens of
thousands monkeys into the United States for horrific experimentation in
laboratories. <>

Primates suffer terribly when they are captured and when they are
confined during transport. Babies are separated from their mothers,
crammed together in crates for weeks on end, and shipped from ports as
far away as China, Vietnam, and Indonesia. They will spend the rest of
their lives imprisoned in corporate labs—where they are often cruelly
abused by lab workers—and subjected to excruciating and often lethal
experiments in the name of product testing and "basic science."

A recent PETA investigation of Covance—the largest importer of primates
in the U.S.—uncovered abusive treatment and neglect of animals. In
February, Covance was cited and fined by the U.S. Department of
Agriculture (USDA) for serious violations of federal law.

As horrific as animal-testing laboratories like Covance are for animals,
they also pose a threat to public health. Covance has imported animals
from Asia who were infected with the deadly Ebola virus. The importation
of primates as pets has been banned by the Centers for Disease Control
and Prevention (CDC) because of the dangers associated with importing
these animals.

The CDC knows that imported primates put public health in danger, as
infectious diseases can easily jump the species barrier from monkeys to
humans. Why, you may ask, would our country spend millions of tax
dollars to otherwise stop bird flu and other deadly diseases from
entering our borders yet let this threat develop right under our noses?

Simply put, the profits of contract-testing giants like Covance are
based on their access to cheap lab animals. As a result, they are doing
everything that they can to stop our attempt to ban primate imports once
and for all . And they don't care that in doing so, they might also
create a potentially deadly loophole that could also affect humans' health.

We desperately need your support today in order to help prevent both the
suffering of primates who are imported for horrific tests and the
potential for an epidemic that could impact all animals, including humans.

*Two Ways That You Can Help to Ban Animal Testing and Prevent a
Potential Epidemic*

*1. Send an Urgent Message to the CDC!
<>* Tell them that you
don't want deadly diseases to be imported into our country and
spread into our own back yard—just so that corporate laboratories
can make a profit! Send a letter to Dr. Julie Louise Gerberding,
director of the CDC, urging her to enforce the same restrictions
on animal importation for labs that already exist for pets—by
banning the importation of nonhuman primates once and for all.

*2. Support our work to end animal experiments by making a
donation to PETA. <>* No
animal anywhere should be maimed or killed in cruel and
unnecessary experiments. That's why we're fighting to stop
experiments on animals. And we've helped to persuade more than 550
companies to switch to more effective—and often, less
expensive—non-animal alternatives.

We won't stop fighting in behalf of animals until this cruelty ends. But
we need your support in order to make that happen. Thank you for your
action today and for everything that you do for animals.

Kind regards,

Ingrid E. Newkirk

[url=Protestez contre importation de singes pour la vivisections! Ibbrp1
 Protestez contre importation de singes pour la vivisections! 4ITHp1


"L'Homme meurt, l'Animal périt" Heidegger
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Protestez contre importation de singes pour la vivisections!
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