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 Envoie d'une lettre contre HLS

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Date d'inscription : 02/03/2005

Envoie d'une lettre contre HLS Empty
MessageSujet: Envoie d'une lettre contre HLS   Envoie d'une lettre contre HLS EmptyDim 23 Juil - 17:05


Dans la lutte contre HLS , vous pouver envoyer la lettre suivante:

Emails :;;;

Objet : HLS


Dear Sir/Madam:

I write to express my concern about your company's ongoing role with LSRI
(Huntingdon Life Sciences, or HLS). At the present time, no U.S. market
maker will list LSRI stock.

Yet Pink Sheets LLC continues to disclose LSRI/HLS stock trading activity.
Your company provides exposure and liquidity to an animal experimentation
laboratory cited for multiple violations of the U.S. Animal Welfare Act.
Huntingdon's record includes the arrest of workers on animal cruelty
charges, 520 breaches of Good Laboratory Practice in England, and a $50,000
payoff to the U.S. Department of Agriculture for falsified records and
animal welfare infractions. HLS has even acquired a criminal record in the
UK for failure to file company accounts on time.

In September 2005, the New York Stock Exchange de-listed LSRI. Legacy
Trading salvaged LSRI/HLS with a listing on the Over The Counter Bulletin
Board. But by February 2006, Legacy had abandoned LSRI/HLS too. To date,
numerous firms have divested shares or terminated custody services in
LSRI/HLS securities -- including Merrill Lynch, Schwab Capital Markets L.P.,
Citibank, M.H. Meyerson, ACAP Financial Inc., Barclays, HSBC, Royal Bank of
Scotland, Trimark, Oracle Partners, Stephen's Inc., Puglisi & Company, Punk
Ziegel & Company, Park Financial, etc.

According to the Pink Sheets website, a company must retain an active listed
market maker. LSRI does NOT have a market maker at this time. Why do you
still report LSRI/HLS trading?

I realize you may be unaware of the cruelty behind the HLS/LSRI symbol.
Huntingdon performs animal tests "only reliable" 5-25% of time," as stated
in their own records. Animals are left in barren cages to seize, vomit,
bleed, and suffer without painkillers or veterinary care.

Over the course of five investigations, photographic images and testimonials
have revealed HLS technicians who nonchalantly kill dogs by flooding their
lungs with toxic materials meant for the animals' stomachs. In one video
clip, a technician punches a 4-month-old beagle in the face. During a
supposedly post-mortem dissection, another tech slices into the chest of a
convulsing monkey.

HLS fails to properly euthanize animals. One investigator saw "a beagle on
the necropsy table. The vivisector put a knife into the animal and he threw
his head back and howled and actually lurched himself down the table... His
last howls were when the leg muscles were severed."

Why risk credibility by association with a facility notorious for animal
abuse and staff ineptitude? Moreover, many companies have evolved to
human-focused research such as in vitro analysis, cell imaging, genetic and
protein analysis, advanced MRI imaging, etc. Growing recognition of the
inability to extrapolate data from animals to humans has prompted the
discovery of non-animal systems that are more cost effective and relevant to
human health.

I urge you to make the socially responsible decision to sever ties with HLS.
If Pink Sheets LLC has stopped reporting stock trading information for
LSRI/HLS, please send me a written statement so I may share the good news
with others.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration,

Arrow Vos coordonnées!!

[url=Envoie d'une lettre contre HLS Ibbrp1
 Envoie d'une lettre contre HLS 4ITHp1


"L'Homme meurt, l'Animal périt" Heidegger
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Pottok des Pyrénées
Pottok des Pyrénées

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Envoie d'une lettre contre HLS Empty
MessageSujet: Re: Envoie d'une lettre contre HLS   Envoie d'une lettre contre HLS EmptyLun 24 Juil - 0:33

Ca y est, c'est parti...
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Envoie d'une lettre contre HLS
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