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lachapelle linda
Ecureuil qui grignotte
Ecureuil qui grignotte
lachapelle linda

Nombre de messages : 2449
Age : 49
Localisation : Gatineau
Emploi : agente de sécurité
Loisirs : prendre soin de mes enfants et mes animaux
Date d'inscription : 18/02/2006

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MessageSujet: Vivisection Action   Vivisection Action EmptyMer 16 Aoû - 2:47

[Vivisection] Clients of HLS Auditor Rotenberg Meril Solomon Bertiger & Guttilla PC
Clients of HLS Auditor Rotenberg Meril Solomon Bertiger & Guttilla PC

Below are 5 companies who are current clients of recently disclosed
HLS auditor, Rotenberg Meril Solomon Bertiger & Guttilla PC (RMSB&G).

We are asking them to no longer use the services of such a
discredited and unethical company as RMSB&G, who have been complicit
in fraud by listing their company under a wholly false name to ensure that
HLS, the worlds most discredited animal testing company, stays in
business. They have continued auditing for HLS even after the recent expose, how disgusting.

Full details on the auditor can be found at:

For each company there is a list of emails and an office address, at
the end of this action alert there is, as usual, a list of all emails
(2 blocks) for ease, either contact these companies on an individual
basis or all together.

Thank you.

Sample Letter

Dear Sir/Madam,

Rotenberg Meril Solomon Bertiger & Guttilla involved in Fraud

I am writing to you to make you aware that the financial service
company you employ, Rotenberg Meril Solomon Bertiger & Guttilla PC,
is complicit in a fraud and supports some of the worst animal abuse
ever documented.

For the last two years RMSB&G have acted as secret auditor to the
worlds most discredited animal testing company Huntingdon Life
Sciences (HLS), for whatever reason RMSB&G have chosen to do a job no
other firm would and in an attempt to hide their crime, they have
entered a wholly false name (Hugh Scott) in all SEC fillings; this is
clearly dishonest and a fraud. We would ask you to have no further
dealings with RMSB&G whilst they continue to deal in the deaths of
some 500 animals every day in the labs of HLS.

If you are in any doubt how HLS carry out their work and what RMSB&G
actually support you can find out what two of their ex-workers said
this year about the conditions inside HLS:

Thank you for your time


1 - Secured Digital Applications (2 emails)
2 - NEUROLOGIX INC (6 emails)
3 - Shelron Group, Inc (7 emails)
4 - Ambient Corporation (10 emails)
5 - Kairos Holdings, Inc (18 emails)

1 - HLS Auditor Client: Secured Digital Applications

All emails for Secured Digital Applications, Inc

Secured Digital Applications, Inc.
Park 80 West,
Plaza One
Saddle Brook, NJ 07663
Tel : (201) 843 0222
Fax : (201) 843 0981

2 - HLS Auditor Client - NEUROLOGIX INC

Senior Management
====================== - CEO
- Chairman of the Board
- Director
- Chief Financial Officer & Treasurer

All Emails for Neurologix

Neurologix, Inc.
One Bridge Plaza
Fort Lee, NJ 07024

Tel: 201-592-6451
Fax: 201-592-0366

3 - HLS Auditor Client: Shelron Group, Inc

Eliron Yaron - CEO & Founder

All emails for Shelron Group, Inc

Shelron Group, Inc
29 Broadway Avenue,
New York City,
NY 10006
Tel: 212.836.4041
Fax: 646.349.1764

4 - HLS Auditor Client: Ambient Corporation

================ - President & CEO
- Director of Corporate Communications Tel: (617) 614-6739
- Chief Technology Officer

All emails for Ambient Corporation

Office Location

Ambient Corporation
79 Chapel Street
Newton, MA 02458

Tel: (617) 332-0004
Fax: (617) 332-7260

5 - HLS Auditor Client: Kairos Holdings, Inc

All emails for Kairos Holdings

Kairos Holdings, Inc
7658 Municipal Drive
Orlando, FL 32819

Tel: 407-370-4300
Tel: 407-370-4306
Fax: 270.675.5103
Fax: 407-226-3977

All Emails in This Action Alert
=============================,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

All details in this action alert are provided for informational purposes only, and should not be used for any illegal activities as defined by the jurisdiction you live in. SHAC are not involved in, and do not encourage, any form of harassment or illegal action. Nothing in this action alert has the purpose of inciting such behaviour. Please keep all communications polite.

For general information on the campaign against Huntingdon Life Sciences please visit the website, or alternatively call Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty on (UK) 0845 458 0630.

Please feel free to forward on this action alert.
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Vivisection Action
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