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 Lettre-type pour la sauvegarde des phoques en Namibie

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Date d'inscription : 02/03/2005

Lettre-type pour la sauvegarde des phoques en Namibie Empty
MessageSujet: Lettre-type pour la sauvegarde des phoques en Namibie   Lettre-type pour la sauvegarde des phoques en Namibie EmptyDim 19 Aoû - 18:34

Lettre au ministre de la pêche en Namibie pour sauver non seulement la vie des phoques mais les préserver de l'extinction.

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Objet: Cape Fur SealsCape Fur Seals

Dear Minister Iyambo,

The Cape Fur Seal population is teetering on the brink of extinction. Due to
massive die-offs from starvation and Namibia's relentless, yearly, culling
of the few remaining herds; this species is suffering a catastrophic decline
that will spell a complete demise for these animals unless immediate steps
are taken to end the cull, permanently. As more individuals become aware of
their plight and of Namibia's barbaric sealing policies; many people are
choosing to boycott Namibia.

I will be asking friends, family, neighbours, co-workers and other groups
not to purchase seafood [as this supports the commercial fishing industry,
which in turn supports marine mammal slaughter.]

I will no longer buy diamonds [until De Beers, which contributes
substantially to Namibia's economy, publicly takes a stand against the
slaughter and demands a permanent end to it.]

I will be informing others not to visit Namibia until Cape Fur seals are

You have chosen to overlook incredibly lucrative opportunities in which
these seals can bring tremendous tourist dollars to your country; benefiting
restaurants, hotels, tourism operators and a host of others who would
otherwise have few economic choices.

I urge you to embrace the potential value these seals have to offer your
country; not by wiping them off the planet; but by realizing the joy [and
economic stability] they will bring Namibia if allowed to simply live as
they were intended.


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"L'Homme meurt, l'Animal périt" Heidegger
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Lettre-type pour la sauvegarde des phoques en Namibie
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