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 Vivisection au Brésil - Envoyer lettre type!

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Vivisection au Brésil - Envoyer lettre type! Empty
MessageSujet: Vivisection au Brésil - Envoyer lettre type!   Vivisection au Brésil - Envoyer lettre type! EmptyLun 28 Nov - 14:22


C'est contre l'utilisation de chiens dans les facultés par les étudiants en médecine au Brésil.

Arrow Copier le modèle de lettre et l'adresser aux personnes ci-dessous:

- FURB rector, Prof. Egon Jose Schramm:
- Ethics Committee of Animals Experiments - CEEA, Prof. Marcia Brandão
- Responsible teacher of the Surgical Technic subject, Prof. Dr.
Romualdo Izon Heil:
- Furb' journal:
- Santa Catarina' journal:
- Reference email to control the arrivals:

Arrow Modèle de lettre: Exclamation Pensez à indiquer vos coordonnées à la fin de la lettre!(copy from here)

By means of this I want to demonstrate my protest and repudiation about
the experimental practices that happens in the Operatory Technic course
of the FURB Medicine, in Blumenau/Santa Catarina, under the
responsability of the Prof. Romualdo Izon Heil. Anonymous delations
indicates to unsuitable and cruel conduct for the experiments, where 150
healthy dogs are submitted annually to invasive experiments, they are
uphold alive after the surgery with dipirona (managed by the students)
and are re-utilized in later experiments. These procedure submits the
animal in a high intensity of suffering and stress, besides they do not
have veterinarian retinues - that is necessary by the Resolution 714
from the Federal Council of Veterinary Medicin (CFMV). In addition to
this, the Resolutioin from the CFMV summoned right above has in its 7º
article: "The procedures of euthanasia, if engaged baddly, are subjected
to the federal legislation of environmental crimes".

The environmental crimes' law (9605/98) defines exactly in it's 32th
article: "Commit the act of abuse, maltreated, hurt or mutilate savage,
domestic or domesticated, native or exotic animals. §1st - Incur the
same punishment those who realize painful or cruel experiments when the
animal is alive, still for didatic or scientific purposes, while
existing alternative recourses".

In the United States, 107 of the 127 medicine colleges, do not utilizes
animals in their curriculum, including the renowned colleges of Harvard,
Yale, Tufts and Washington. A recently study in the U.S. showed that 25%
of the medicine students are against the "laboratory dog" and that the
number of students unsatisfied about the use of animals incline to be
higher than the number of students that express their feelings, afraid
of persecution and reprisals. The American Medical Student Association
(AMSA) sent two resolutions demanding for Universities to provide some
alternatives for the "laboratory animals" for the students with "moral
or pedagogic" objections and condemning "the power of announcements in
the medicine students, forcing them to participate of the practice
classes that uses alive animals". And on England, almost none medicine
college make use of alive animals for the study of sirurgical classes
since 1876.

The students have the right of _expression when they are obliged to do
something that violate their principles. A part of being a good doctor
is living under the principles that motivated a person to wok on the
health area and under those who come under an ethic content, like this,
"do not provoke suffering" from Hipocrates. Every student is qualified
to decide what is right and what is wrong, in agreement with it's
personal moral principles. Students might be able to question and object
some part of the program that is unnecessary, outdated and/or that
violate its ethic.

The study of alternatives to these inhuman and outdated practices should
be stimulated inside this respectful institution, in order to guarantee
a better quality study for the student, and avoid the suffering and the
extermination of animals in cruel practices. Some sites can offer great
help in this debate and plenty of useful informations about

It will be a question of time until these practices turn into something
that the human race will be shamed for commiting it.

Yours truly,


The Canadian Voice for Animals
<> Argentina
Miembro de OIPA
OIPA es una Organizacion Internacional asociada al Departamento de
Información Pública de las Naciones Unidas

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 Vivisection au Brésil - Envoyer lettre type! 4ITHp1


"L'Homme meurt, l'Animal périt" Heidegger
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Vivisection au Brésil - Envoyer lettre type!
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