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 aidez les chiens et chats en Chine pour un monde meilleur

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lachapelle linda
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Ecureuil qui grignotte
lachapelle linda

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aidez les chiens et chats en Chine pour un monde meilleur Empty
MessageSujet: aidez les chiens et chats en Chine pour un monde meilleur   aidez les chiens et chats en Chine pour un monde meilleur EmptyVen 2 Fév - 6:31

aidez les chiens et chats en Chine pour un monde meilleur
merci de prendre cette lettre et l,envoyé à l'adresse suivante
n'oublié pas vos coordonnées

Dear Mr. Kyprianou,

As you are aware, over two million cats and dogs are raised under deplorable conditions in Asia, particularly China, and then strangled, stabbed to death or skinned alive for their pelts. These skins and furs are used in products sold throughout Europe. As a human being I find this unacceptable. While the US, Australia and five EU nations: Italy, Denmark, France, Greece and Belgium have banned this fur trade, the EU as a whole has rejected requests from virtually every country in the world, to ban the import, export, sale and production of this merchandize. Without a complete ban this horrific trade will continue to taint Europe now and for years to come. The Matrix Chambers, a prominent UK law firm has issued a ruling that an EU ban on cat and dog fur would be justified under the EC treaty and it would not cause a WTO trade issue.
Not only is the cruelty intolerable but I feel strongly that these products with fraudulent labels are harmful because of chemicals used in fur production. It is also painfully wrong to submit non-humans to the type of cruelty found in Chinese fur farms.

This letter is to respectfully ask that as a new leader in the EU Commission, you ban cat and dog fur trade immediately, and completely. The loophole in the law currently under discussion if passed as is, will simply defeat the purpose of a law which is being created to ban dog and cat fur trade in Europe.
"Article 4
Implementing powers
The following may be adopted in accordance with the procedure referred to in Article 5(2):
1. provisions on the use of analytical methods to identify the species of origin of fur;

2. provisions which derogate from the prohibitions provided for in Article 1 for such fur or products containing such fur

- which is labelled as originating from cats or dogs that have not been bred or killed for fur production or

- which are personal or household effects being introduced into the Community, or exported there from."

Thank you for your consideration.



Anti Fur Society Group:

The European Parliament is finally inclined to ban cat/dog fur imports into Europe. However, if the law is passed as is, the loophole (see below) will simply defeat its purpose. This loophole is similar to the $150 loophole we have in the US where cat/dog fur importation is illegal, but imports under $150 do not have to be labeled as fur--Cat/dog fur is part of the so called "budget" fur so most of them cost less than that!
The loophole in Europe will allow for fur from dogs or cats raised for food in China. According to the email below, many European countries have already rejected this loophole--which is a good sign. Nevertheless, we need to keep the pressure ever so politely so this loophole is rejected by 100% of the European countries. Scroll down for more information.
Below is a letter sample for you to edit, or send as is, to the head of the European Parliament whom, I was told by reliable source is the key person to write to.
The Anti-Fur Society group will be sending a letter representing about 1000 people who signed the petition. If you wish to be on that list, please send your name, country/city and email to:
If Europe passes this ban without the loophole, chances are we'll be seeing the end of the dog/cat fur farms in China. Remember this: NO EUROPEAN MARKET = NO CAT/DOG FUR FARMS IN CHINA!
Letter to Commissioner Markos Kyprianou
Mr. Kyprianou's FAX 003222981499

Commissioner Markos Kyprianou,
Commissioner for Consumer Affairs,
The European Commission,
Rue de la Loi, B-1049
Bruxelles, BELGIUM
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aidez les chiens et chats en Chine pour un monde meilleur
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